February 15, 2021

Auspac Investment Strategy

Auspac Investment Strategy

The investment strategy of the Group is to identify investments and companies that display sound fundamentals that over time can typically generate and drive longer term investment returns.

Auspac’s strategy is to leverage its extensive network for investment opportunities across different asset classes in listed public company and private company opportunities. The investments aim to provide high levels of capital growth as well as the potential for earnings growth.

A ‘Top – Down’ Investment analysis approach is used. We begin by looking at the ‘Bigger Picture’, deciding what industrial sectors we would like to invest in, based on the Macroeconomic factors at play in the broader economy along with trends and thematics.

Once a particular sector is identified and we have established it is likely to outperform the market we have immediately created a competitive advantage. Diversification of investment, by both industry and location will be critical. Analysis then moves down to a more specific approach. ‘Attention to Detail’ through exhaustive due diligence is what will drive investment success.